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shutterstock_5544052Don’t worry this isn’t going to be the moment when I reveal my insecurities to the world…

I’ve been working with and talking to email marketers for a fair while now and I’ve noticed more and more people asking themselves this question. So why is it that so many great companies feel like the email marketing gravy train has left them standing out in the cold?

Well the truth is that it just ain’t so. Of the 30 or so new brands signed by eCircle this year I would estimate (using our highly accurate eCircle scale of email program complexity) only 2 or 3 would in any way rate themselves as sophisticated email marketers. Now you might rightly argue that of course they’re not doing that well, hence the reason they decided to change their ESP; well that argument doesn’t hold up too well either. During a recent roundtable event we organised with a mix of the larger senders and brands in the UK in attendance… at least half of them would have told you that they’re not very advanced with their email program.

So whilst there’s a huge gap between where people are and where they perceive the rest of the market to be, in actual fact in most cases that gap isn’t there.

So what is the reason for this perceived gap?

Well how often do thought leaders, blog writers etc tell you about people doing a bad job… not very often. What you read about is generally going to be at the cutting edge of email tactics and not necessarily something that has been adopted by many senders. In fact I remember reading about basket abandon email programs more than 4 years ago… to this day I’ve still never received one.

OK, but that still doesn’t explain why people haven’t implemented these tactics available!

Well the main reason people don’t adopt all these tactics tomorrow is a simple one… resources. Email marketing departments are always small, understaffed teams who are already overstretched. Introducing new, advanced email tactics might seem like a no brainer to someone sitting in an agency advising on email strategy, but to these guys it’s a real challenge.

So how do we overcome this general feeling of inadequacy? First of all I would say don’t panic, you’re not alone. Once you’re feeling a bit more comfortable about where you sit and you still feel determined to get to the top of the shop you need to either staff up or outsource. Many of us in the trade have been doing rather well by offering the services that people lack to under resourced companies. ESP’s have for all too long provided the tools for brands to run their email marketing: what people really need is to get realistic about the level of services they need in order to implement the ideas that they assume everybody else has already got in place.


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