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The noughties have been the decade that ‘digital’ has come of age. Where Google has gone from a dotcom start-up to a verb. Where we don’t think twice about listening to the radio online, checking our email on our mobile phones, pausing live telly or having access to every album we’ve ever bought from our pocket. Where we can watch films on a games console whilst commuting to work. Where we don’t have to worry about forgetting to Sky+ the ‘Strictly’ semi-final as we know we can go online and watch it back in our own time. Where presidential elections have been won with the help of campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Where we can vote out odious members of the public or celebrity world from dreadful reality shows just by pressing a red button. Where we can receive emails predicting what we want to purchase next based on our previous shopping habits. Where we don’t even have to leave the house to have our weekly shop delivered. Where we can speak to granny in Australia face to face via Skype.  Where made-up words such as ‘google it’, ‘re-tweet’, ‘avatar’ and ‘blog’ have entered our vocabulary without a second thought (Source: Digital dictionary).

This very neat illustration I saw today (found from a friend’s status update on facebook!) from the BBC sums up the noughties beautifully.

 What an exciting decade. I for one am very excited to see what the ‘tens’ hold in store. Merry Christmas!


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