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law_1I’ve been wondering who it was that said it was OK to regularly and blatantly break the Direct Marketing Association rules and, almost certainly, the law, for the sending of marketing emails? It seems that for years I’ve been receiving emails from the good ol’ US spammers (who by their nature are operating outside the law)  that have not only offered me a better sex life and a faster loans (or is it the other way round perhaps?), but also some that have purported to be from a big brand companies. Emails from Tesco with the subject line ‘Win £500 in Tesco vouchers’ have been regulars in my spam box, but when opened they are not from Tesco at all – Alabama or Wyoming email marketing companies usually.

But now, it seems, the disease is spreading over here. I’m now getting the same email sent from Chelmsford or York!  Surely we’re supposed to say who is sending the email in the ‘From’ line, not who we want the consumer to think has sent it. That’s deception!

So I checked the DMA Email Marketing Best Practice Guidelines – not ‘law’ as such but something by which the industry follows in order to prevent deceiving the online public – and guess what, it says quite unequivocally, ‘The Data Owner’s name must appear in the ‘From’ box of the email as the sender of the email.’

So where do we go from here? Being a trade body the DMA says that ‘there is a need to protect consumers from inappropriate, unethical behaviour by unscrupulous or ignorant practitioners,’ How really does it do this? It seems that it doesn’t have the ‘teeth’ to do this properly so we have to rely on the law – but this a complicated, expensive and very time consuming route to stopping these practices. Does anyone know how to stop them?


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