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So what happened to Swine flu? Apart from Johnny Sick Note claiming he was on death’s door when it first hit the news reels? At my last check it was going to wreak havoc on an unprecedented scale and within 28 days we’d all be squealing. I bought lots of newspapers that day ..

Maybe it wasn’t as bad as we first thought.

Today I was sat in a meeting with a head of marketing for a major European brand and I faced a similar sensationalist, yet somewhat tiresome opinion:

“In America the email open rate is less than 1%: the UK will be the same, it is just a matter of time…”

How depressing. He was of course referring to email list rental response rates in the US, and in part he’s not wrong.  In fact nevermind America, there are plenty of European lists which perform in a similar, appalling way. I bet this fellow also had swine flu recently.

But in the case of email, America’s sneeze shouldn’t result in a cold in the UK or Europe. Apart from the obvious differences in the privacy laws, we have an unforeseen advantage of multiple countries each developing their email marketplace maturity at different paces, and different cultures and legislation tackling those developments as they occur. This causes a natural barrier to large scale mass marketing techniques so effective with generation X, but totally ineffective for generation Y, thus resulting (possibly through more fortune than design) in far efficiently adapted online marketing channels. America’s once well trusted application of old school marketing methods has resulted in an unfortunate mass consumer snub, yet Europe’s inability to apply the same methodology to the same magnitude has bought us time and education to establish greater consumer trust created by technologies designed in more turbulent waters. 

So what might have initially appeared a logistical headache now presents huge opportunities. Email marketing in Europe has not only maintained healthy response levels, but also presents measureable, predictable metrics and highly profitable rewards for the well thought out campaign. Couple this with the growing establishment of specialist pan European email marketing companies, like eCircle, 2010 is looking like it could be a great year for European suppliers and marketing brands alike.

Like many dot com success stories, they say the first up the hill gets the arrows, but it’s those that follow who eventually take the prize. So when it comes to email, with cup of tea in hand and a stiff upper lip I say; “you can keep your swine flu, just like the guinea pigs you are!”


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