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According to suggested best practice on email creative there are set standards which many in the industry claim will determine the success of an email campaign. For the majority of emails this holds true. However sometimes it can be more effective to break away from the norm and try a more creative tact. The beauty of email is that you can always try out new ideas with split testing to see what really works for your audience before jumping in at the deep end.

Here are a couple of examples from my inbox, which help to demonstrate my point.

If you search in Google for ‘email subject lines best practices’ it comes back with a possible 19,100,000 results, which illustrates just how much information is out there on this topic! ‘Limit your subject line to 50 – 70 characters’, ‘keep it short and sweet’ and include your ‘company name’ in the subject line. These are all probably suggestions you’ve come across before. But with this ‘Martin’s Money Tips’ email all this advice goes totally out the window! They’ve gone for the longest subject line in history, but it works for me because it tells me everything I need to know. The subject line is loaded with the most important information on all the offers and deals you need to be aware of and suits the style of the email itself. It’s not trying to be clever but still manages to prompt me to take action and open the email. However, I’d only suggest using longer subject lines when there is a compelling reason to do so but in this example there obviously is!



In the competitive fashion industry image is everything and this literally holds true for this Karen Millen email, which emphasises images over copy in a big way. To a certain degree, this goes against the traditional best practice advice that using lots of images should not be done because of image blocking issues. However, these days there are numerous steps you can take to avoid image blocking, such as always including an ‘add to address book’ link, preferably in the pre-header as this will ensure all images are directly shown to subscribers and incorporating a ‘view a web version’ of the email as well.

Karen Millen

Another email marketing best practice principle is that you should keep the length of your email relatively short. However, keeping it ‘above the fold’ isn’t something ASOS seem to be interested in as this email is looong (click on the image to see the full length version)! But do they need to? This email includes relevant calls to action and imagery that really would appeal to the fashion conscious.


So what works best for your campaigns? Shorter or longer emails? Images vs. text based? Testing is the only way to uncover the true revenue potential of your email campaigns. Best practice is there as a guide but there are no universal rules. I’d recommend you test and alter your campaigns based on responses rather than what worked for someone else. Be proactive and don’t stop testing!


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