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Airport commuteHere I am at the airport (again) as I embark on my weekly commute between London and Munich, and yes, as usual my flight is delayed.  But, like the majority of my fellow passengers, I am able to work on the move via my BlackBerry and looking around me now, I can see a vast number of people emailing or sending text messages from their mobile devices, which makes delays like this at least a little more productive.  It seems that if you travel a lot for work, then ‘smart phones’ are, quite simply, a must.

Sitting here in my usual air-side seat at the crack of dawn drinking a large coffee to try and wake up, I was reminded about an article I read a little while ago about Online Advertising overtaking TV http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8280557.stm, which most of us in the digital world would have expected to happen sooner or later but it’s interesting all the same.  So I was wondering what the next steps in the way we advertise or communicate our business messages will be?  Will my BlackBerry become my new video conferencing tool so I can dial in whilst I sit here in the airport lounge? Will I buy the same product online that I can get at an airport retailer just to conserve my energy and save me lugging the goods across Europe? Referring back to the fact that online advertising has taken over TV advertising, then perhaps I should think about throwing away my TV set altogether and simply subscribing to online TV channels instead to stay informed?  This diagram (source: http://www.baekdal.com/articles/Management/market-of-information/) illustrates neatly how much the way we communicate has changed, and how many more channels there are at our disposal these days.  As the original article states, we are currently in the middle of the most revolutionary changes since the introduction of the newspaper.  Exciting times indeed. 

Where is Everyone?

But why still compare if majority usage is going digital anyway?

A research study group is currently undertaking a “big brother type” of model brainstorming for 6 weeks on how digital life will affect everyone in the future.  Check it out here http://palomar5.org/

What do you think?  What are your thoughts or predictions on the future of communication?


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