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Happy Birthday

It’s been a year since eCircle’s blog Inside the Inbox launched back in September 2009. During this time we have aimed to provide you with useful, topical content on the subject of email marketing and the wider digital world. To celebrate a year of Inside the Inbox I thought I’d share with you our top 10 most read blogs posts from the year in order of popularity.

Top 10 Inside the Inbox Blog Posts

1)     Is it ever too early to start your Christmas promotions?

2)     The decade that digital came of age

3)     Getting seriously social

4)     Do your customers know their inbox from their shoebox?

5)     Do we really need the Royal Mail?

6)     Newsletter registrations really shouldn’t be this difficult!

7)     America sneezes and we catch a cold

8)     Crossing borders with email marketing

9)     When selecting an ESP is the most important question really, how much does it cost?

10)  Email Relevance – Be honest and you can’t go far wrong

If there are any topics that you feel we should cover over the next year of Inside the Inbox then please do let me know.

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So all that’s left to say is ‘Happy Birthday Inside the Inbox’ and here’s to another year of blogging!


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