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'Welcome' written in the sand.My colleague Mark Robertson recently wrote a great blog post entitled ‘Hello and Welcome’ on some points to consider when conceiving a welcome programme. I wanted to follow on from what he’d talked about with some hints and tips of my own by providing you with a checklist for devising a successful welcome programme.

But before jumping straight in it’s important to get the overall objective of a welcome email strategy right. It can be helpful to think of a welcome email like a first date! You will probably spend time planning where to go, what to wear and what questions to ask on the date, all with the aim of making the best possible impression. Similarly with a welcome email you should make sure you get off to a good start, remembering that first impressions do count.

Once someone has signed up to your newsletter you need to make them feel valued, reassured and appreciated. If you only confirm a person’s subscription then you’re missing a trick. A welcome programme provides you with the perfect opportunity to engage new customers, drive sales and set the tone for your future relationship.

Welcome email checklist

1)    Say thank you

  • In subject line or in body of email
  • Retain customer loyalty and gain repeat business

2)    Reward your new customer:

  • Voucher welcoming them
  • Free shipping on first order

3)    Reassure, remind and reflect:

  • Confirm their account as it reassures your customer their registration was successful
  • Remind them why it was a good decision to do business with you
  • Every contact you have with your customers should reflect your brand and reinforce benefits

4)    Make yourself known

  • Ensure the recipient knows the welcome message is from you!
  • Include the company name in the sender field, subject line, or both

5)    Other things:

  • Include link back to your website
  • Include login details if applicable
  • Make your welcome message/subscription confirmation timely
  • Highlight key areas of your website

Welcome email exampIes

This site has a diverse range of welcome emails examples here. If you have any interesting welcome emails (good, bad or ugly) do send me a link via the comments box and I will endeavour to use them in a future blog post.

Welcome and Customer Warm-Up Programme Package

A well constructed welcome programme isn’t just simply a question of saying ‘hello’ it is a sequence of optimised messages to new subscribers and if you get it right you might reach date number two!

At eCircle we offer a Welcome and Customer Warm-Up Programme Package. This package aims to make the process of planning a customised welcome strategy and deploying it easier to handle. To find out more about what this package includes then call us on +44 (0)20 7618 4200 or contact us here

You may also be interested to know that we will be bringing out an extensive Email Welcome Study very soon, so be sure to watch this space!


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